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Art My Word started off as a fundraiser for the Macleay Island Community Library, to keep current library services up to date and to offer relevant and new literature to their patrons.


Since the start in 2021, Art My Word has also evolved into a celebration of Art, Storytelling and Community.


Art My Word. Visual artists registering for the challenge, will receive a random book, no longer in circulation at the library. They will use the book as a base for their new 2D or 3D artwork. They have free interpretation and free choice of medium. They may read their book to find inspiration, they may open a random page to find inspiring words, they may research the topic of the book, or they may use the book itself to make a piece of art. The options are endless, and it is up to each artist how they approach the challenge.

Art My Photo is the latest component to the Art My Word Experience, introduced in 2023. The community was invited to supply an interesting and quirky photo they have taken, from anywhere around the world. These photos make up a kit with minimal information such as the title of the photo, where and when the photo was taken, and is presented to the Art My Story participants. 

Art My Story launched in 2022 and invites writers and storytellers to register for the written challenge. They are given a kit containing a random photo and basic information to base their new written piece on. They may be inspired by the photo itself, its title, the place the photo was taken or the time of the photo. Any writing style can be applied, text is limited to 2000 words. The written pieces are being made into a book publication in 2023 thanks to a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund and Redland City Council.

Celebrating Artists, Storytellers, and Community

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